Final ONSIDE partner meeting confirms legacy of the project

Final ONSIDE partner meeting confirms legacy of the project

On the 11th of December 2020 the ONSIDE partners came together online for the final time to plan the final actions towards the completion of the project and confirm concrete plans for sustainability and legacy.

The meeting began with a review of work achieved, including a report on the results of the external evaluation of the project which gave a positive view of the project outputs and coordination

The ONSIDE final conference was also reviewed and seen as a great success by partners. This “International Event on Sport Officiating” gathered 250 participants from 39 countries to learn about the ONSIDE project and advance the global sport officiating agenda.

The partners are looking forward to the publication of the final outputs of the project and are certain the outputs will be of great value to various stakeholders involved in sport officiating. The ONSIDE e-learning platform and modules were also discussed including the issue of access to the e-learning after the project has ended.

The partners then turned to the issue of sustainability. The International Federation for Sport officials (IFSO) is the legacy partner of ONSIDE and will be have a key role in promoting the products in the long term. A sustainability strategic action plan was discussed and agreed to ensure long term dissemination and impact of the ONSIDE project.

The meeting ended with a celebration of the project and the three-year journey the partners have been on together. Each partner gave a testimonial about their feelings about the project both from a professional and personal point of view. Key comments from partners included:

“I gained a lot of insights in to officiating and how EU projects are organised”

“It has been great to have such a network in sport officiating and personally learnt a lot”

“I was sceptical before about outcome of project and after second meeting perception was different and I happy I take part in this important project”

“It has been a very nice group of partners and the outputs are amazing and tangible, I look forward to further dissemination”

“The project proved good to share experience between sports in international context”

“Because of the project IFSO was born, it gave a good situation to move faster with implementation of IFSO. Thank you for quality of administration in the project. It was a very nice experience”

“The project has absolutely exceeded expectations. I see the outcomes from this project and they are useful. We have actually produced something that will be of benefit to officiating going forward”


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