Launch of the EU Sport Officiating Online Survey for sport federations

Launch of the EU Sport Officiating Online Survey for sport federations

ONSIDE is the first major EU funded project in the area of sport officiating, running from 2018 to 2020. The focus of the project is on education and skills development for sport officials, across all sports and all nations in the European Union.

The ONSIDE project partners have now launched the Sport Officiating Online Survey for National Sport Federations, which is the first survey of its kind, aimed at gathering views on education, skills and other key aspects of sport officiating. This will help inform sport officiating generic standards and training to be developed later in the project.

The survey questionnaire can be accessed here:




The survey has been developed to gather the views of representatives from national sport federations; this could be a staff member with responsibility for officiating or an officiating committee member or volunteer.

The survey will remain open during October 2018, closing on the 31st.

The ONSIDE partners now invite officiating contacts in national federations to complete the survey

Those with networks of relevant contacts in national federations such as Sports Councils, Olympic Committees and European/ International federations are also asked to disseminate this survey link to relevant partner federations.

Contact – for more information about the online survey or the ONSIDE project please contact the project coordinator at:

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