The ONSIDE Project

The role of sport officials (umpires, referees, judges etc.) is vital in sport. They ensure participants compete within the spirit of the sport or activity through the impartial and consistent application of its rules and laws.

The ONSIDE project will explore and define, for the first time at the EU level, the generic competences, skills and knowledge expected of sport officials – covering all sports and nations.  The education component of the project will include the development and delivery of brand new training through innovative learning methods, including e-learning courses.

ONSIDE is a three-year project running from January 2018 to December 2020 and is funded through the European Union Erasmus+ Programme.


“Sports officials are essential for all sport competitions, it’s not just the technical skills that are important, but also the development of soft skills, including non-sport specific such as communication, effective management skills, personal brand and many more all of which are vital to the future of sport in Europe. Researching the sector and defining standards for sports officials will provide a solid base for future development of the role of sports official in Europe.”

Howard Webb
ONSIDE Project Ambassador; UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup Final referee.

Latest News

  • ONSIDE is the first major EU funded project in the area of sport officiating, running from 2018 to 2020. The focus of the project is on education and skills development for sport officials, across all sports and all nations in the European Union. The ONSIDE......

  • A shared approach to developing sport officials – collaboration with International Federation of American Football. The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) have backed the ONSIDE project to have a positive impact on the area of sport officiating and agreed to collaborate for the duration......

Latest Tweets

ONSIDE online survey for officiating contacts in national sport federations now live and gone out through all the partners, well over 50 responses so far - open till the end of the month.

Good to speak with CEV this morning about ONSIDE project and gather insights from their sport - European federation for volleyball

ONSIDE Partnership

The consortium working together to achieve the ONSIDE project brings together a selection of 11 partners from 9 different Member States having a recognised expertise, knowledge and interest in the area of sport officiating.


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